Do you feel hopeless? Stuck? Lost? Confused? Are you angry at your parents, even though you’re an adult? As hard as you try to be a person you respect, do you continue to behave in the same way that isn’t quite working? Do the people in your life repeatedly hurt you?

This is difficult. Everyone goes through tough times. Everyone gets stuck and feels unsure of how to move forward. It’s OK to not know what to do. It’s OK to feel lost and confused. It doesn’t make you weak or broken to feel badly about yourself. Even the most successful, smartest, strongest people have challenges and struggles and hard times. It’s a human thing. It is part of the human condition.

It’s time to stop feeling alone. It’s time to stop feeling lost. It’s time to invest in yourself, change some unhelpful patterns and accept yourself for who you are. We all have an inner voice in our head saying horrible things to us. It doesn’t have to be the loudest voice. We can put it in its place, learn positive ways to relate to it, and even come to befriend it.

Life is about relationships and connection. It’s about connecting with the people we love and acting in ways we feel good about.